park rules

Park Rules

Campsite will only be for a member that fills Article Three Membership qualification in Code Regulations. No loaning, renting, or sharing of your camper or dock is allowed.

If/when you vacate your site your camper must be removed within two weeks from the date. All structures must remain and site clean. The site will then be offered to the members in the park, then if not taken, next on our campground waiting list. Seniority as listed by the Board. 

Before any trailer is placed on a site it must be approved by the President or designated Trustee. No park model trailers or motor homes allowed are allowed. Maximum length is 35 feet, tongue to bumper. Some sites will not accommodate 35 feet.

Each member that has paid yearly dock dues may keep one boat or one wave runner at their assigned boat area. We do not offer storage at the park. This does not apply to overnight paid or CFD members using for the day.

No boats are allowed in swimming area or to tie up at our swimming dock.
All (except CFD members) must pay to use our boat ramp.

Gulest camping must have prior approval by a Board Member and fees paid before use.

Additional guest parking will be in the field along the access road side. The member is responsible to direct your guest to the additional parking area and is responsible for guest’s actions. Parking goes first to members of the campground.

Golf carts are for adult use. No children joy riding will be tolerated. All carts must have a light on at night. Any injury, damage, or other mishap caused by a golf cart is the sole responsibility of the driver or owner of the golf cart. The Park will not accept any responsibility for such occurrences. If any Park item (land, building, roadway, grassland etc.) is damaged by a golf cart, the member who owns the golf cart or allowed the guest to have a cart on Park property will be responsible for reimbursing the Park for all costs. Failure to pay is grounds for the member to be removed from the Park.
Cars are permitted to drive on roadways only. No cutting across the field. No go-carts, dirt bikes or motorized vehicles are to be used on Park grounds.

Only bagged trash is to be put into the dumpsters. No bulk: refrigerators, stoves, air conditioning units, grills, etc. You must take such items home for disposal or make arrangements with a disposal company. The Park will not pay for such disposal. If an item is left for disposal by the Park and the Board discovers who left it your membership to the Park will be terminated.

Any construction on your site must be approved by the Board, prior to starting. Your deck may be as long as your trailer and deck floor height not over your camper's floor. The roof is limited to a maximum of two feet above camper's roof. Refer to rule two if you plan on leaving your area. Decks are considered a permanent structure built and maintained by the occupant of the specific site. When a member vacates, the deck structure remains and no reimbursement will be made for any costs incurred while you occupied such site.

All dogs/animals must be on a leash or under control at all times as to not disturb other members or guests. You must clean up after your animal immediately. You are responsible for any injury or damage that your animal causes to the Park or others.
There are no lifeguards at the swim area. You use it at your own risk.
No shooting of guns, archery at any time.

All air conditioning units, fans, lights, etc. must be turned off when you leave the Park. First time anything is left on the board will issue a warning. After the first warning your camper will be unplugged. The Park will not reimburse any cost for lost items due to electric being turned off by the board or for any other reason.
Respect all at the campground. Control your parties, no loud music or noises after dark.

All members are responsible for maintaining their site. This is to include, keeping trash picked up, trimming around camper/boat dock, and the upkeep of your camper and deck.
All campers must be deeded to the Member that has paid for the season and has been approved.