Shelter House

Want to reserve either one?  Contact the Park treasurer for availability.

Below is the information needed to rent the shelter house at CFD Park. If you have any questions or would like to rent the shelter house, please contact the CFD Park Secretary:

Steve Hennosy

(614) 506-4198 cell

Shelter house rental is per day. No partial day rental. The cost to rent the shelter house is $300. It must be paid within 10 days after confirmation of rental date. If not paid within the specified time the date becomes open to another renter. If the shelter house is put back in order, all trash is picked up and placed in dumpster and no damage to shelter house has occurred, $50 will be refunded.  NO grease or GREASY water to be put down drain. If the renter does this no refund will be given. The renters have the shelter house for their use only on their rental date - They may occupy the shelter house from 7am to 12pm (midnight). If no one is using the shelter house the night before their rental date they may decorate as necessary - if it is rented they must wait until 7am of the rental date.

Art Lewis Pavilion is for rental to Park members only. If a Park member wants to sponsor a user they can. Responsibility remains with the Park member. The pavilion is open for use on a first come basis but can be reserved. If reserved the reservee gets to use it. No charge unless the Park member/user does not clean (Sweep, bag trash/take to dumpster, or leave items - you bring it you take away with you). The Park member will ensure all is done or will pay a $50.00 cleaning fee. 

Rental of the Park Shelter House or Art Lewis Pavilion begins April, 6th and ends October 26th, 2019.